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Argyll CMS change log
-Version 1.8.3
+Version 1.9.1 28th September 2016
+* Added some diagnostics to ChromeCast discovery, and increased mDNS
+ TTL count and wait time.
+* Fixed regression on MSWindows systems with no serial ports.
+Version 1.9.0 26th September 2016
+* Added smoothing filter to pre-conditioning profile lookup in
+ target/targen/ofps.c, to improve its robustness when faced with
+ more poorly behaved profiles.
+* Fixed oeminst so that it locates cdrom's in Linuxes latest
+ mount point of /run/media/$USER/.
+ (Who can guess where it will move to next ? What's a stable API again ??)
+* Fixed bug in i1pro2 driver, in which strip calibration would
+ fail if instrument had been first calibrated with ARGYLL_DISABLE_I1PRO2_DRIVER
+ set, and then calibrated with ARGYLL_DISABLE_I1PRO2_DRIVER unset.
+ This was due to an incompatible minimum integration time being saved and
+ then restored in the .cal file.
+* Fixed bug with i1pro2 (Rev E), where on OS X it would always operate
+ in Rev A-D (i1pro 1) mode.
+* Fixed problems with serial connected & USB serial
+ instrument discovery, particularly with the Spectroscan.
+* Enhanced spec2cie to process .sp files as well as .ti3.
+* Added measurement type to .sp file format, to more inteligently
+ interpret such files in specplot.
+* Added option to icclib to write Output profiles using
+ environment variable is set. This is not recommended
+ for normal use, but may assist compatibility with other
+ systems.
+* Added JETI spectraval (1511, 1501) support, including Bluetooth access.
+* Added support for the Klein K10 connecting via a serial port.
+* Fixed bug in Colormunki Smile driver that causes crash
+ on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.
+* Fixed problem with targen -g, in that the corresponding XYZ
+ values had double the power applied, rather than none. This
+ was causing problems with printtarg spacer colors.
+* Modified instlib API slightly, to improve ease of internationalization.
+* Modified "lp" intent to greatly reduce Helmholtz-Kohlrausch appearance
+ modelling.
+* Added -V option to xicclu to allow looking up or plotting 'vcgt'
+ tag calibration curves.
+* Fixed webwin and oeminst web interface headers (Thanks to Florian Hoech).
+* Extensive re-write of colorimetric nearest clipping code in rspl/rev.c
+ to restore precision that was lost in the speedups made
+ in V1.0.0. The nnrev setup now takes a lot longer with
+ high resolution CMYK profiles though. This corrects a
+ "green becomming too yellow" problem for mapping from
+ ProPhoto space with some RGB devices. Added LCh nearest
+ clip mapping weighting values to allow fine tuning of
+ clipping behaviour to better match peoples expectations.
+* Change dispwin to properly set DirectColor and take account
+ of TrueColor Colormap. This fixes problem with NVidia linux driver 364.12
+ exposing a VideoLUT depth that is different from the frame buffer depth.
+ Also changed the VideoLut test patch set code to load the same input
+ value either side of the expected one, to allow a margin for any imprecision
+ or difference in how the hardware actually processes frame buffer output.
+* Change icclib to automatically repair icmTextDescription strings that
+ have an allocation that is longer than their size.
+* Added -e option to average, to use per-component
+ Median rather than average.
+* Fixed chartread so that it doesn't fail if no
+ instruments are found when -x option is used.
+* Added i1Pro Lamp Drift test and fix functions to
+ spotread (-Y l|L options).
+* Fixed bug in gammap.c that sometimes causes crash when
+ using colprof -s -S general compression ratio.
+* Add -x parameter to iccgamut and tiffgamut, to create a cylindrically
+ expanded gamut. This can be used to emulate the colprof -s/-S compression
+ percentage when using collink.
+* Change colprof so that -s -S will accept general compression percentage
+ as an alternative to a source colorspace/image gamut.
+* Added optional conversion from native Gretag-MacBeth & X-Rite
+ reflective calibration standards to/from XRGA.
+* Changed OS X GUI support code so as not to switch to
+ "interact with the Dock" mode until actual GUI element
+ is to be displayed. This prevents batch commands with optional
+ GUI elements from blocking normal GUI interactions.
+* Re-jigged OS X UI code to use the main thread to avoid
+ window creation timing issues and a warning backtrace on OS X 10.11.
+* Add UI synchronization code into OS X test patch display,
+ to ensure test window is displayed before measurements start.
+* Added CMP_Digital_Target-7.cht
+* Fix spec2cie to cope with .ti3 files that are missing
+ device values, so that it can process a wider range of
+ input CIE reference files.
+* Make ColorMunki spectro do "reset on close" on Linux
+ to avoid USB problem every second time it is opened.
+* Remove oeminst diagnostic code that writes "" file.
+* Fix crash in ccxxmake.
+* Changed implementation of ARGYLL_NOT_INTERACTIVE on MSWin
+ to make it more reliable when operated progromatically.
+* Fix bug in how colverify was computing worst 10% average.
+* Fixed chartread so that if you are reading patch by patch,
+ the location strings can be arbitrary (i.e. they don't
+ have to conform to an alpha/num strip/patch pattern.)
+* Added Current Aprox. Gamma to displcal Display adjustment menu Check All
+ output.
+* Fix dispcal "icc_chromAdaptMatrix called with no deviceClass" warning
+ when creating a matrix display profile.
+* Fix colprof eronious "FWA compensation ignored for emissive" warning.
+* Fix debug system info being printed, even with no debug option.
+* Made DTP92/94 driver ignore Offset drift calibration checksum failed
+ error for Set to factory calibration command as well as reset.
+* Added support for Sencore ColorPro V, IV & III colorimeters
+ (based on Sequel Chroma colorimeter.)
+Version 1.8.3 (26 October 2015)
* Added SpyderCheckr24 scaning .cht and .cie files.
@@ -55,7 +208,7 @@ Version 1.8.3
* Reduced the level of Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect in CIECAM02
implementation in the light of visual experiments.
-Version 1.8.2
+Version 1.8.2 (7th September 2015)
* Fixed endless loop bug in alternate calibration selectors code.
@@ -2371,7 +2524,7 @@ Version 1.0.0 changes (1st July 2008)
Changed aceleration grids to only hold fwd cells that
are within the ink limit. Changes sub-simplex handling
to make common face sub-simplexes shared between cells.
- Fixed bug in ink limit bug that was causing many sub-simplexes
+ Fixed bug in ink limit that was causing many sub-simplexes
to be treated as if they straddled the ink boundary, slowing
down inversions with ink limits applied. Changed reverse
memory size accounting from cells to bytes, for more